Industry Placement

Most students undertake their Industry Placements (IP) in close proximity to Suzhou campus. Students can expect to be paid during IP and accommodation and some meals are often included.

Students complete two 6-month paid industry placements. BMIHMS at Torrens University liaises and coordinates the students' placements with the employers. Students practice resume writing, interview techniques and are guided on grooming as well as presentation skills. All students are required to participate in the hotel's interview and selection process either face-to-face or through Skype.

Industry Placement forms an integral part of all BMIHMS courses. The industry placement semesters are spent in leading international hotels. During these periods, students gain the opportunity to put into practice the skills that have been learnt at school over the previous semester. The industry placement semesters further expose the student to more real life situations. The students have the advantage whilst they are working being able to draw upon support and guidance from the industry expertise such as their supervisors and managers. It also enables students to establish their own industry network.

In most cities in China, students will receive an allowance plus accommodation and meals during their traineeship period. Conditions of employment during traineeship will vary from hotel to hotel as well as different destinations.

The school actively assists students in finding suitable placements that will help prepare them towards their future career goals. The industry work placement has to be undertaken only in positions and hotels approved by the school. This is to ensure that the students are exposed to the opportunities in a job and establishments that have the support mechanism in terms of supervisors and facilities to enhance and further develop their growth.

The students will be visited by a member of the school's lecturing staff or designate who will conduct an assessable tripartite performance appraisal which includes the lecturer, supervisor and student.

Industry placement assists students in making decisions about their career goals. A positive placement experience may lead to employment opportunities upon graduation. Employers who were impressed with their industry placement performance often approach BMIHMS students directly before graduation for management or traineeship positions.

Veronica Gracia
Room Division Attendant
Bali, Indonesia
Industry Placement 2016

Juiz Carlos Pellosis Ortiz
Front Desk Attendant
Crown Plaza,
Suzhou, China
Industry Placement 2015

Jinlong Zheng
Food and Beverage Attendant
Best Western Premium,
Industry Placement 2015


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