Safety First

Over the past month, BMIHMS China campus has organized first aid and fire drills towards the development of safety and security on campus.

On March 17th 2017, the campus conducted its second First Aid Course, with the help of Shanghai East International Medical Centre. 10 BMIHMS staff members and 4 staff members from its STFI JV partners have received their First Aid Certificates. Furthermore, 7 students on campus, including 3 active student duty managers have received their certificates.

On March 24th 2017, the BMIHMS campus ran two fire drills with our faculty and students. The first drill on classroom evacuation, ran smoothly with teachers directing students out of the classroom once the alarm had sounded. Under the guidance of BMIHMS teachers, all students were safely taken to the evacuation point without any incidents occurring and all procedures well executed.

Meanwhile, all office staff diligently followed evacuations procedures once the alarm triggered. The second drill was conducted following a guest speaker presentation in the meeting hall. All wardens were able to get into position and guide students out of the building to the evacuation point. Thankfully, the team of wardens was well trained and evacuated students in a timely fashion despite the rainy weather. 

Due to the wet weather conditions, the fire extinguishment training for the staff members and student duty managers was postponed until Thursday April 13th in the dormitory courtyard. Moreover, local security officers were invited to utilise real powder extinguishers during the safety demonstrations.

Campus director James Brady stated, "Safety always comes first. Each staff member has a High-Vis jacket at his or her desk. We increased the safety training not only in O-week but also at other designated intervals." 
BMIHMS China campus values the safety and security of its students, staff and assets and understands its responsibility towards protecting them.



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