Soap-Making Workshop & Charity Spring Bazaar

On Friday April 14th 2017, the House Sofitel Shark lead by lecturer Wanling Qiu, organized an engaging and amusing DIY soap-making workshop in games room. More than 30 students participated in the soap-making process, creating and producing their own beautiful 'soapy' creations by mixing lye with different coloured oils and essentials oils and herbs. Hundreds of aromatic soaps were created during the workshop, many of which were sold at the House Monkey Marriott's charity Spring bazaar, with earnings being donated to charity.

The termly Charity Bazaar organized by Green Earth leader, Trinidad Navarro was the third event on the evening of April 19th 2017.The overall goal of the charity event was to donate money towards the Chengdu Bear Rescue Centre (

Students and faculty not only donated their recycled belongings, but also donated to hospitality services. Moreover, students produced Brochetas' and served drinks such as Virgin Mojitos and various soft drinks.
BMIHMS China students were recognised for their philanthropic efforts and previous donations to various charity organisations.

Mr. Navarro received an appreciation letter from the Australian fundraising platform 'Everyday Hero', for students' support of the Water Pollution Project River cleaning in China last December. Navarro stated, "We will continuously do these 'green' activities and hopefully these events not just effect students temporary, but have longer term benefits."

For more information on the Green Earth project please visit:


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