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The Students' Square encompasses the dormitory precinct offering a student canteen, cafes, mini-market, retail shops, hairdressing salon, printing & photocopy services and more. There are many restaurants or small shops, which sell food and snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They provides Chinese, Muslim (not containing pork), Korean and Western (Burger and Fries) types of cuisine, and also include sushi restaurants.

Frequently asked questions

Is there Accommodation on campus?

All domestic and International students are required to live on campus. STFI provides a dormitory, located in "Student Square", which is 5 minutes walk from the classrooms. International students have single rooms with ensuite bathroom. There are shared laundry facilities within the dormitory.

Can I stay on campus during term breaks?

You cannot stay on campus as the campus and the dormitory precinct is closed.

Are meals provided?

Meals are not provided as part of your accommodation. The dormitory in "Student Square" is surrounded by local eateries, convenience stores, banks, telephone companies and other retail shops. A budget of 1500RMB per month is estimated for 3 meals per day.

Is accommodation provided during my Industry Placement?

Most hotels in mainland China provide accommodation. Different hotels have different offerings, some have twin shared while others have four persons per room. The accommodation may be on-site or off-site in a separate location. Students will be provided more specific information during the interviews with hotels.

Will I study Mandarin?

International students have 4 hours of Mandarin language and Chinese culture class per week. As students will be exposed to Chinese culture, their language skills can develop quickly when committed to practice. Students also have the opportunity to undertake a HSK language test (optional). Mandarin class ensures student to be able to understand and communicate with staffs and costumers in basic level during their Industry Placement.

Do I need to speak Mandarin during my Industry Placement?

You don't have to speak Mandarin but speaking will ensure that you have an enhanced experience. Under most circumstances, your supervisor will certainly speak English, as well as Human Resource and Training team.

Do I need Health insurance to study in China?

It is mandatory for International students to have health insurance that covers the time during their stay in China. Students can choose to purchase insurance from a provider in their country before arrival to campus. Please ensure that you take a copy of your insurance policy to China as evidence. Alternatively, we suggest a health insurance provider in China. Please note that we are not liable for the policy suggested. The approximate cost is RMB350 per year.


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