Student Activities on Campus

Besides studying, Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School - Suzhou Campus students enjoy their quality time with their friends by organizing other activities at school which makes their school life more fun and entertaining.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Each semester students create a council, which is headed by two elected Presidents. In this council there are also different committees and societies that students can join according to their own interest. The SRC represents the student body to communicate its opinion and views to the school management in order to achieve a better environment for their study life.

The SRC raises and manages its own funds and hosts a range of social functions, which include parties, fundraising events, sports competitions, and many other activities.


As part of their studies, students are expected to organize and host a function every semester. This function will also be open to the public as an opportunity to showcase our students' creativity and organizational skills. By organizing the event, it will help student to improve their leadership, human resource management, marketing and time management skills that are necessary to be future leaders in the global hospitality industry.

BMIHMS Suzhou Campus is an international school with students from different cultural backgrounds. To create a greater understanding of other cultures, students hold dinners where they can promote their culture starting from the food, and including dance, national costume, and games.


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